7 Best Online Stores to Buy Japanese Skincare Products

best japanese skincare websites

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Before I visited Japan, I knew nothing about the famous Japanese skincare products and routines this country has. Now it seems as though everyone and their mom are talking about it. Which is great, really!

I mean, had I known how fantastic Japanese skincare for acne products could have been in my teenage years, I would have jumped at the chance to try them!

Well, no time like the present I suppose. I could do with some Japanese skincare products for dry skin, quite desperately in fact…

Anyway! Let’s answer a few questions about J-Beauty products before we figure out where to buy Japanese cosmetics online. Get your Japanese pens ready, it’s time to make some notes!

Does Japan have weird skincare products?

weird japanese placenta skincare
I’m just gonna leave this here…

This is a “facemask” I found whilst wandering the wacky isles of Don Quijote. If you don’t know, Don Quijote is a massive discount store that sells all sorts of things in Japan, literally anything you can think of.

I’ve been to more than I can remember, and I’ve yet to find something I want that they don’t sell.

And as you can see from the picture above, they sell things you probably don’t need, namely weird skin care products.

But, also some really cool animal face masks that seem to have made their way into the Western market. If you pop down to your local chemist or groceries shop, you’ll likely find some.

If not, there’s always amazon I suppose.

Why is Japanese skincare better?

It’s hard to categorize one skincare routine as being better than another, but Japanese skincare does seem to have somewhat of a cult following, and for good reason, too.

According to Intoxicating beauty, Japanese skincare utilizes moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients to a far higher degree than other products from around the world.

Expect to see ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, and camellia oil extremely frequently.

A lot of it also has to do with the Japanese skincare routine. That’s another blog post altogether, so stay tuned!

1. Japanese Taste

Website: www.japanesetaste.com

japanese skincare products from japanese taste

Japanese Taste is the self-proclaimed ‘go-to’ online store for high-quality products made in Japan. Luckily for us, these products include one hell of a collection of skincare items!

The basis of their store connects three Japanese concepts:

omoiyari no aru – Thoughtfulness

reigi tadashii – politeness & respect

kaizen – to strive for excellence

By operating within these terms, Japanese Taste is able to treat its customers, suppliers, and staff in the absolute best way possible, so you know you’re buying from a well-run and fair company.

Now, onto the products.

As well as having a fantastic selection of Japanese skincare items, they also sell groceries, household items, snacks, and other products all from Japan.

Most importantly, they offer fast and flat-rate shipping internationally. No hidden charges, just a simple and hassle-free shipping system.


Website: www.yesstyle.com

japanese skincare products from yes style

As the world’s largest online Asian fashion retailer, it’s not hard to believe that YesStyle has a section full of Japanese skincare products.

Whether you’re looking for:

Japanese skincare for acne

Japanese skincare for oily skin

Japanese skincare for sensitive skin

It’s likely YesStyle will have something for you.

They aren’t a dedicated Japanese retailer (in fact, they’re based out of Hong-kong) and they don’t only stock skincare products.

But as the biggest Asian fashion retailer, they do stock a ridiculously large amount of products. It’s for that reason, and that they’re so well known, that it’s more than worth checking them out if you’re after J-beauty items.

I’ve always wanted to grab some Japanese sunscreen because it’s supposed to be some of the best in the world. This might just be the place to do it!

3. Amazon

Website: Amazon – Japanese Skincare

japanese skincare products from amazon

Annnnd we’re back again with our old faithful, Amazon.

It’s not my favorite, and the quality of some of the items for sale nowadays is questionable at best, but it still holds its place on this list just like many others on this site. If you’re trying to find out where to buy Japanese skincare online, Amazon is a very simple and easy option.

Sometimes the best and most convenient way for a lot of people to order Japanese products online is to buy them from amazon. That way you can include it with a bunch of other things, and have them all delivered to your door the day after.

We know it’s reliable, we all know the return process, and that’s all some people need.

I’m not saying don’t buy from Amazon, because it does have a fantastic catalog of Japanese skincare products, but there may be a better option for you on the list.

4. Kokoro Japan

Website: www.kokorojapanstore.com

japanese skincare products from Kokoro Japan

A relative newcomer to the world of Japanese skincare, Kokoro Japan began its online venture in 2019.

They stock food & drink (though not quite as much as these websites), health products, and beauty, and do a very good job of it.

Beauty is, of course, the one we’re interested in today.

The site has everything from common drug stores brands (the kind you’d find in local drugstores in Japan) to exclusive high-end brands that would make even the deepest pocketed people wince.

The entire website features an extremely easy-to-use and beautifully designed user interface which is exactly what you want from an online shop.

There are also plenty of reviews, free shipping to the United States if you spend over $65, and a list of their 100 bestsellers.

Pretty much anything health and beauty-related from Japan can be bought from here. Perfect!

5. Dokodemo

Website: www.dokodemo.world

japanese skincare products from dokodemo

Shipping to over 80 destinations and having annual sales of “a few billion yen” dokodemo have been in the Japanese skincare and J-beauty game for a long time.

But like most websites on this list, they don’t just sell Japanese skincare products.

They also sell beauty, health, and medicinal products. I’m unsure what the legalities are of importing specific medicine from Japan, but it’s still nice to have the option.

They even have another section on the site called “other” which includes Fashion, Electronics, Sports, Lifestyle, and other misc items. Because who wouldn’t want to buy a T.V with their moisturizer!

So, while they absolutely do specialize in selling Japanese cosmetics and beauty products, they have a few other bits that might take your fancy when you’re having a browse.

Something I absolutely don’t mind!

6. Cheripai

Website: www.cheripai.co.uk

japanese skincare products from cheripai

Before I get into telling you about Cheripai and what they stock, just look at that logo.

So cute!

Cheripai specializes in stocking K-Beauty & J-Beauty products on their site, and with a beautiful layout, it’s a pleasure to browse around.

I don’t feel overwhelmed by the interface like some of the entries on this list, in fact, if anything I feel inclined to stay longer and purchase more!

This is the list of J-Beauty brands that they stock at the moment:

list of J-Beauty brands
List of J-Beauty brands

Lots of the most well-known Japanese brands, and some I’ve never heard of. There’s more than enough to choose from for any budget or situation. When I started researching for this article about where to buy Japanese skincare online, this is the kind of company I was looking out for.

7. Murasaki Cosmetics

Website: www.murasakicosmetics.com

japanese skincare products from Murasaki

Last but not least, we have Murasaki Cosmetics.

They stock all sorts of Japanese skincare products including face masks, lotions and toners, oil cleansers, sunscreens, and even J-Beauty gift sets.

One great thing about Murasaki Cosmetics, is that they present all the ingredients in English, tell you the benefits of the product, and explain how to best use them.

It’s these little touches that really set skincare shops apart from one another.

The only downside is that they are located in the Netherlands and only ship to Europe. Booo!


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