8 Best Websites To Buy Japanese Snacks and Sweets Online

japanese sweets online
By wyinoue - Goodies

My love for Japanese candy and snacks knows absolutely no bounds, like many of you, I’m sure!

So, I’ve decided to trawl every forum imaginable and every single website in existence (…probably…) to bring you the ultimate list of websites where you can buy Japanese sweets and Japanese snacks online.

At least until you can get to Tokyo, anyway!

Before we start, if you haven’t seen it already I’ve written a post discussing 20 of the best Japanese snacks you need to try.

So, if you’ve been wondering where to buy Japanese snacks from, here’s the list for you!

1. Japan Centre

Japan centre japanese snacks
I’ve spent far too much money in this store…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I flipping love this place!

It may only have stores in the U.K but thanks to it’s worldwide delivery, you can enjoy their huge selection of Japanese snacks (including cherry blossom snacks) and sweets no matter where you are in the world!

…With that said, they do offer free delivery anywhere in the U.K if you order over £50 with of items.

Like we needed an excuse!

From different flavour Mochi to Melon pan and whistle candies, The Japan centre is a fantastic place to order your weekly or monthly Japanese food shopping at as well as the snacks and sweets!

2. Amazon

Japan sweets amazon
Amazon, we love to hate it!

Surprise surprise, Amazon shows it’s face again!

If I had made this list a year ago, I doubt it would be on here but the situation seems to have changed.

By heading over to amazon and typing in Japanese Snacks, you’ll be presented with a huge selection of Japanese snacks and sweets.

Unlike some of the other websites on this list, there are a selection of different snack/sweet assortment bags for different budgets, tastes, and quantities.

Sometimes it’s nice to pick out the individual items of food, but other times it’s nice when someone arranges it for you!

3. Japanese Taste

japanese taste candy
Great website interface. It’s a yes from me!

‘Japanese taste’ offers international shipping and a big list of Japanese sweets and snacks for you to buy online.

Plus, if you’re feeling like spoiling yourself they also offer other grocery items, personal care items (like moisturiser etc), kitchen, and household products.

It’s these kind of websites that are most dangerous really.

You go there to buy a couple of snacks, and end up checking out with $500 worth of Japanese products…

What’s money for if you can’t enjoy yourself I suppose!

4. Gohan Market

snacks from Japan
The Calbee Potato Snacks are calling me…

With around 400 different snacks (If I’ve counted right!) you won’t be short of finding your perfect Japanese treat anytime soon!

If you’re looking for suggestion, I absolutely love the Calbee Potato Snacks in any flavour! …Well I did until I was vegan anyway!

As well as snacks and sweets, you’ll find other dry foods, Japanese speciality seasonings, drinks, and even a beauty/health section.

It’ll keep your brain interested, but your wallet light!

5. Neokyo

websites to buy Japanese snacks
Literally didn’t know wagyu beef jerky was even a thing until I started searching on here!

Neokyo is a Japanese proxy buying site that comes in handy if you’re after something extremely specific that the other sites on this list don’t have in stock, or don’t stock at all.

Of course, you can still find all the general Japanese sweets or snacks you want but it’s potentially not the easiest way to find them.

The reason I suggest only using this service for specialist items is because of the fees associated.

Normally if you’re buying products from Japan, they’ll probably be over $20 and worth it despite the fees as it might be a rare or limited edition item only available directly from the country.

However when it comes to food, unless you’re bulk ordering a single product then it’ll likely cost a bit too much.

Neokyo charges $2.18 for their services (buying the food from Japan and keeping it at their warehouse) per different item.

So unless you’re buying 40 packs of wagyu beef jerky, maybe take a look somewhere else.


Japanese kitkat snacks

KitKat heaven!

With close to 48 (I think!) Kit Kats in their catalogue ready to buy, it’s a great place to try out some of Japan’s wacky flavours they’ve become so famous for over the years.

Couple that with some mad Pringle flavors, and you’ll certainly have your hands full for some time.

Like many of the options on this list, the site is full of really interesting snacks from Japan that literally come in all shapes and sizes.

I won’t spoil some of the items available because discovering them yourself is half the fun.

But I will direct you to Pokemon Curry because it’s just too fun not to share!

P.S It’s international shipping, so food for everyone! ^_^

7. Tokyo Treat

tokyo treat snack box
If I was a little richer, I’d subscribe to this thing for life!

A little different to the other shops, as with Tokyo treat you’ll be subscribing to a monthly box of goodies!

For some people who like this format, this will absolutely be the best way to buy Japanese snacks online, and if you have the money I honestly can’t blame you.

You’re guaranteed different Japanese candy each month as they’re hand-picked by a team to make sure you experience Japanese culture to the full.

Some months might be themed, some might not, but they’ll all be super tasty!

And you’ll get 15-20 items in a box, more than enough!

Here’s a full review of Tokyo Treat!

8. Japan Candy Box

Japan candy box
And I’d subscribe to here for life, too!

Imagine the box above, and now imagine that it’s filled entirely with sweet treats.

Now you’ve got Japan Candy Box.

It’s roughly $10 cheaper than Tokyo Treat so have a look at both of them and figure out which is the best for you (If a subscription box is something that interests you)

The great thing about Japan Candy Box is that they offer a fully fledged Japanese snack store to go with the box which means if you find something you like, you can probably order 100s of them directly to your home.

Whether you should or not is another matter!

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