The Sakuraco Snack Box Experience.

I’ve already talked about how Sakuraco was my favorite Japanese snack box on the surface, but today I wanted to take the time to understand the experience they’ve created. Plus, now that I’m living in Japan, I think my opinion is slightly…

12 mins read

Living in the US vs Japan: Which is Better?

If you’ve already taken the ‘Should you live in Japan‘ quiz and decided that ‘Yes!’ you probably should, your next step is to compare the country you live in now to Japan. It’s a great way to see the challenges you might…

36 mins read

33 Pros and Cons of Living in Japan

Life in Japan is great. I wholeheartedly suggest anyone thinking about living here to make that leap of faith and do it. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses and that’s something that a lot of you should take into account before…

45 mins read

12 Things You Should Do After Landing in Tokyo

You’ve done it! You’ve planned your trip to Japan, saved up, and finally landed in Tokyo. Now what? Depending on the time your flight arrives (or how tired you are), you can often find yourself with a few hours or just short…

18 mins read

20 Things to Do in Tokyo in the Morning

Have you arrived in Tokyo early in the morning and don’t know what to do? Or perhaps you’ve got some time to fill before your plans in the evening. It’s a situation I’ve found myself in many times, so I thought I’d…

24 mins read

Oshino Hakkai: Japan’s Crystal Clear Pools

If you’ve used this quiz to help you decide on where to visit in Japan, and this calculator to make sure it’s affordable, I’ll bet you’ve got one of two visions in mind. The first is probably the loud, noisy, and cyberpunk-esque…

19 mins read

The Complete Guide to Radio Kaikan

I start lots of these introductions by telling you how I love geeky things, and this is no different. Akihabara is an otaku’s paradise and if there’s one place that summarizes that perfectly, it’s Radio Kaikan. Radio Kaikan is one of the…

26 mins read

13 Things to Know Before Boarding Japan’s Shinkansen

Japanese Shinkansen are famous the world over for being some of the fastest, cleanest, and most reliable trains on the planet. I’d hazard a guess that you already knew that, but what about some of the other, more practical questions you’ve got…

28 mins read

Shinkansen vs Plane: Which Should You Choose?

Japan is a huge country with a ridiculously massive amount to see, and often not enough time for the people who visit. So, which method of transport should you choose: Shinkansen or plane? As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better way…

23 mins read

Is Miyajima Worth Visiting?

Every time I travel somewhere new in Japan, I always like to look at the possible day trips from that location as well. One well-known place that I recently visited myself (which is perfect for day trips from Hiroshima) is Miyajima. But…

22 mins read

Living in the UK vs Japan: Which is Better?

Living in the UK and Japan both have their unique advantages and disadvantages. As someone who has lived next to Tokyo for a long while, as well as spending extended periods of time in London and its surrounding countryside earlier in my…

42 mins read

Is Sapporo Worth Visiting?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go skiing in Niseko. It’s been a bucket list item of mine for many years now and it felt absolutely awesome to finally be able to tick it off! To get to Niseko,…

18 mins read

Battle of the Boxes: Sakuraco vs Bokksu

If there’s a box that comes filled with Japanese snacks, I want to get my hands on it. I’ve already spoken about my love for Sakuraco, and now we’re pitting them against another big hitter in the Japanese subscription box world, Bokksu.…

12 mins read

8 Cheap (and free!) Things to Do in Osaka

Japan is a flipping cool country. Whether you’re here for the food, the scenery, the pop culture, or any number of other things, we all share a love of this place together. You’ll probably agree with me then when I say it’s…

11 mins read

Is This The Cutest Japanese Subscription Box?

I’ve talked many times on this blog about the need people have to experience Japan without being in the country. In fact, I’ve even written an entire post dedicated to the subject. My findings from all the research I’ve done since I…

11 mins read

What Makes Japan So Special?

Before I started this article, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was that made Japan so unique and special. It seemed to me that while most other countries blended into one, Japan stuck out like a sore thumb, but…

19 mins read

Exercise The Japanese Way (Without Going To The Gym)

If you live in the United States or United Kingdom, as most of you do, it’s likely you’re constantly bombarded with gym culture on social media. But maybe not so if you happen to live in Japan. So, in a country that…

10 mins read

63 facts about Japan you probably didn’t know.

Japan is a country known for its bright lights, innovative technology, and beautiful scenery. But in this article, I aim to show you some of Japan’s lesser-known facts that prove how truly interesting it is as a country. On this list you’ll…

51 mins read

The 7 Best Online Japanese Stores

I’m lucky enough to live in Japan which means I only have to take a short walk to pretty much any shop I want. Crazy, cute, minimalist, hyper-technical, it’s all at my disposal! But what if you don’t live in Japan but…

27 mins read

The $22,500 Melon: Japan’s Most Expensive Fruits

In Japan it's extremely common to give gourmet fruit as gifts rather than simply to eat. To this affect Japanese fruit tends to command a higher price and increase competition for the most desirable fruit year upon year.…

14 mins read