Who am I?

about a day of zen

My name is Jonny, and I’m a full-time digital nomad with an unhealthy obsession with Japan.

Since I created ‘A Day of Zen’ and moved to Japan, over 300,000 people have popped over to the site to learn anything and everything about this awesome country. Whether they’re contemplating moving to Japan, looking to build the ultimate holiday itinerary, or simply want to learn more about the culture, that’s a lot of interested people!

I’ve been published in a variety of magazines including Tokyo Weekender, Metropolis Japan, and Ski Asia where I get to combine my love of skiing and Japan together.

In 2015 I took my first trip to Japan, and it quite honestly changed my life. I was able to stay with my partner and her family who live out here which made my experience honestly unforgettable.

How do I look so young?…

From that moment, I decided to dedicate a huge chunk of my time to creating an informative and valuable source of information about Japan to help people. In 2022 I made the decision to move here which means better content for you, and way more for me to write about!

slurping Japanese noodles
A very young me eating yakisoba at a Japanese summer festival!

I hope you enjoy your time on the site, and let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at jonny@adayofzen.com

またね! ^_^