Ground yourself with the tranquil work of Alice Zilberberg.

alice zilberberg a day of zen

Meditations by Alice Zilberberg

We live in an extremely fast-paced society which sometimes consists more of the past and future than the present.

Constantly living at high frequency can be emotionally taxing so its a good idea to find some sort of way to stay grounded in the now.

I find organising and simplifying my life a great way to escape but also a way to stay connected with the present moment.

But, physical actions aren’t always needed for us to stay in the moment. In fact art and photography can play an extremely important role in this for some people as we are about to find out.

Who is Alice Zilberberg?

Alice is a Toronto-based artist who graduated from Ryerson University’s photography program.
She has been represented by galleries throughout North America and Europe, and interviewed as well as featured on platforms such as CBC, MTV, and Breakfast Television.

Alice has won over thirty international awards including 1st place titles in the International Photography Awards, the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, and the Fine Art Photography Awards.

What is the series ‘Meditations’ about?

The series ‘Meditations’ comprises of animal montages constructed as an expression of self-therapy.

The artist regrounds herself in the sense of calm issued by these animals. It seems these creatures reinstate a presence, a tranquillity, and a grander perspective.

The works are an amalgam of many photographs from different locations around the world, put together seamlessly by the artist in post-production.

Rather than ruminating on the past, or hypothesizing the future, Zilberberg’s works invite a meditative state, encouraging the
viewer to stay still and find happiness in the moment.

Take a look at her newest project Meditations

Follow her on instagram: @alicezilberberg

alice zilberberg a day of zen
alice zilberberg a day of zen
alice zilberberg a day of zen
alice zilberberg a day of zen
alice zilberberg a day of zen

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