The photographer who uses paint as her medium


Andrea Torres Balaguer is a fine art photographer that is seriously pushing what the term means.

Below, I have selected a few of her images from the series ‘The Unknown’. Whilst looking at the images we are presented with a number of important questions that have answers blurred in mystery.

Who are these women?

What does their past say about them?

Why are all of their identities covered, are they hiding something?

Andrea is able to complement the outfits of each of the women with a harmonious stroke of paint. Though causing obstruction, this paint stroke only adds to the romance and majesty already present.

The anonymity created by specifically placed paint and in some cases the clothing builds upon the mystery and timeless feeling already created in the photos. These techniques leave Andrea at the cutting edge of her field, challenging what it means to be a fine art photographer.


Instagram: @Andreatorresbalaguer

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