9 Japanese Music Artists You Should Listen To

After receiving some cough*interesting*cough comments stating I was too hard on J-Pop, I thought it best to do an entire post dedicated to my favourite Japanese music artists.…

11 mins read

6 Japanese Sports Brands You Should Buy From.

I don’t consider myself a sports fanatic. Well, except for skiing anyway… I could happily buy all of these Japanese ski brands and ski daily. Ah, the dream! Anyway, before I wrote this article, I honestly couldn’t name even one Japanese sports…

11 mins read

Why does Japan still use outdated technology?

On the surface, it’s easy to write off-Japan as a country of flying cars and robot butlers. However, as with countless things surrounding Japan, the actual situation is a lot more complex. Today we’re going to discuss Japan’s unusual and perhaps surprising…

18 mins read

Exercise The Japanese Way (Without Going To The Gym)

If you live in the United States or United Kingdom, as most of you do, it’s likely you’re constantly bombarded with gym culture on social media. But maybe not so if you happen to live in Japan. So, in a country that…

10 mins read

7 Minimal Japanese Clothing Brands.

Japan is well known for it’s …’Overt’ fashion trends. *Cough, Harajuku, Cough* Don’t let your assumptions of Japanese fashion fool you, though. The country is home to far more than you often see on the T.V and in pictures. It’s clear that…

16 mins read

10 Most Popular Hobbies in Japan.

I have 3 main hobbies. Well, to be fair I’m interested and love learning about everything on the planet BUT… If I had to narrow it down it would be: This website (and Japan), Photography, and Reading. I frequently bounce around and…

15 mins read

Japan’s Reverse Valentines Day.

Ahhh, holidays. Love them or hate them, they come around every year without fail. And for some reason (to me) it seems as though they are a little more commercialised each time, at least in the west. So whilst valentines day here…

9 mins read

How many mountains are in Japan?

Quite often I find myself pondering strange questions about Japan. In the past, that’s led me to find out why Japanese cars are so boxy, why Japan is so clean, and why it snows so much. But today, we’re going to find…

9 mins read

63 facts about Japan you probably didn’t know.

Japan is a country known for its bright lights, innovative technology, and beautiful scenery. But in this article, I aim to show you some of Japan’s lesser-known facts that prove how truly interesting it is as a country. On this list you’ll…

51 mins read

The 7 Best Online Japanese Stores

I’m lucky enough to live in Japan which means I only have to take a short walk to pretty much any shop I want. Crazy, cute, minimalist, hyper-technical, it’s all at my disposal! But what if you don’t live in Japan but…

27 mins read

The edible Japanese face masks made of bread.

Over the past year and a bit, the demand for face masks has shot up almost exponentially. This has led to a whole host of innovative and interesting face coverings, but non as strange (or unique?) as the melonpan facemasks. Whilst we…

6 mins read

Why is the Tokyo subway so crowded?

If you’ve ever seen a documentary about Japan, chances are that somewhere along the line you saw a video (or 10) of people squished into train carriages like sardines. But can’t one of the most advanced and populated countries in the world…

16 mins read

8 Japanese Concepts To Improve Your Life.

Japanese aesthetic principles and concepts are often hard to decipher into actionable and practical ways to help you in daily life. In this article, I’ve taken the time to identify the key principles Japanese culture has to offer and linked them to…

17 mins read

The $22,500 Melon: Japan’s Most Expensive Fruits

In Japan it's extremely common to give gourmet fruit as gifts rather than simply to eat. To this affect Japanese fruit tends to command a higher price and increase competition for the most desirable fruit year upon year.…

14 mins read

Travel cameras – The best options for Japan.

Have you ever thought 'What camera should I bring to Japan?'. Having graduated with a degree in photography, I know the importance of a good camera for a once in a lifetime trip. And having been to Japan a number of times,…

25 mins read

5 relaxing spots in Tokyo

Tokyo got the best of you? In need of somewhere to relax in the big city? I've done the research to bring you the 5 best places to chill out or relax in Tokyo. Whether you're a solo traveller or with a…

19 mins read

Does it snow in Japan?

In England we get roughly 20 pathetic days of snow a year. That doesn't mean it settled and doesn't mean it was heavy! So it got me thinking, 'Where's the snowiest place on earth?'.…

10 mins read