8 Japanese Concepts To Improve Your Life.

Japanese aesthetic principles and concepts are often hard to decipher into actionable and practical ways to help you in daily life. In this article, I’ve taken the time to identify the key principles Japanese culture has to offer and linked them to…

17 mins read

The $22,500 Melon: Japan’s Most Expensive Fruits

In Japan it's extremely common to give gourmet fruit as gifts rather than simply to eat. To this affect Japanese fruit tends to command a higher price and increase competition for the most desirable fruit year upon year.…

14 mins read

Travel cameras – The best options for Japan.

Have you ever thought 'What camera should I bring to Japan?'. Having graduated with a degree in photography, I know the importance of a good camera for a once in a lifetime trip. And having been to Japan a number of times,…

20 mins read

5 relaxing spots in Tokyo

Tokyo got the best of you? In need of somewhere to relax in the big city? I've done the research to bring you the 5 best places to chill out or relax in Tokyo. Whether you're a solo traveller or with a…

18 mins read

Does it snow in Japan?

In England we get roughly 20 pathetic days of snow a year. That doesn't mean it settled and doesn't mean it was heavy! So it got me thinking, 'Where's the snowiest place on earth?'.…

10 mins read

The man who makes delicious pieces of sushi from stones.

So many intriguing creative projects have either come from Japan, or been inspired by it. But perhaps none are more interesting than this one from Hama. Hama is an art student from Japan who hand crafts delicious looking pieces of sushi from…

1 min read