8 Best Japanese Laptop Brands

I write all of these articles on a MacBook because it’s quick, looks nice, and is insanely powerful. The other day when I was coming back from Tokyo after researching another article idea, I realized how few people I’d seen using apple…

14 mins read

7 Best Japanese Air Conditioner Brands

Anywhere you go in Japan, you’ll be greeted by an air conditioner of some sort or other. Whether it’s in someone’s house, a giant electronics store in Tokyo, or that tiny ramen shop you think is too small to be a ramen…

13 mins read

10 Best Japanese Speaker Brands

The other day I decided to spend some time in BIC Camera and delve a little deeper than the ordinary surface-level window shopping I'm normally used to. On this occasion, I found myself in a shop that had an entire floor full…

12 mins read

11 Japanese Snowboard Brands You Should Ride

I've spoken many times about how fantastic Japan is for skiers and snowboarders. They get around 30ft of the white stuff per year and are home to some of the world's best ski resorts. As such, they've learned a thing or two…

16 mins read

6 Japanese Sports Brands You Should Buy From.

I don’t consider myself a sports fanatic. Well, except for skiing anyway… Before I wrote this article, I honestly couldn’t name even one Japanese sports brand. I have, however, heard of a fair few of them but not realised their connection to…

11 mins read

7 Minimal Japanese Clothing Brands.

Japan is well known for it’s …’Overt’ fashion trends. *Cough, Harajuku, Cough* Don’t let your assumptions of Japanese fashion fool you, though. The country is home to far more than you often see on the T.V and in pictures. It’s clear that…

15 mins read