What Makes Japan So Special?

Before I started this article, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was that made Japan so unique and special. I seemed to me like while most other countries blended into one, Japan stuck out like a sore thumb, but…

17 mins read

Why Don’t Japanese People Have Beards?

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you may have noticed the distinct lack of facial hair pretty much anywhere you look. At first, I thought it was purely genetics, but maybe there’s some sort of cultural reason as to why you never…

10 mins read

Why Do Japanese People Bow?

Here in the UK, shaking someone’s hand is the most common way to greet them. It’s polite, formal, and a sign of respect to the other person. But if you’ve ever been to Japan or seen it on TV, you’ll notice they…

9 mins read

The Subtle Differences Between a Kimono and Yukata

If you had to name five things that were quintessentially Japanese, I would hazard a guess that your list would include a Kimono. I’ve worn one quite a few times, and other than looking absolutely fabulous, it’s a great way to centre…

13 mins read
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