How many mountains are in Japan?

Quite often I find myself pondering strange questions about Japan. In the past, that’s led me to find out why Japanese cars are so boxy, why Japan is so clean, and why it snows so much. But today, we’re going to find…

9 mins read

63 facts about Japan you probably didn’t know.

Japan is a country known for its bright lights, innovative technology, and beautiful scenery. But in this article I aim to show you some of Japan’s lesser known facts that prove how truly interesting it is as a country. On this list…

51 mins read

Why is the Tokyo subway so crowded?

If you’ve ever seen a documentary about Japan, chances are that somewhere along the line you saw a video (or 10) of a people squished into train carriages like sardines. But can’t one of the most advanced and populated countries in the…

15 mins read
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