Battle of the Boxes: Sakuraco vs Bokksu

If there’s a box that comes filled with Japanese snacks, I want to get my hands on it. I’ve already spoken about my love for Sakuraco, and now we’re pitting them against another big hitter in the Japanese subscription box world, Bokksu.…

12 mins read

The Sakuraco Snack Box Experience.

I’ve already talked about how Sakuraco was my favorite Japanese snack box on the surface, but today I wanted to take the time to understand the experience they’ve created. Plus, now that I’m living in Japan, I think my opinion is slightly…

12 mins read

What Does Japan Eat on Christmas Day?

From raw horse and whale to fermented soybeans and the infamous Fugu fish, Japan certainly has its fair share of interesting foods. So, what do the people of Japan traditionally eat on Christmas Day? Well, having lived in Japan for a few…

5 mins read

The edible Japanese face masks made of bread.

Over the past year and a bit, the demand for face masks has shot up almost exponentially. This has led to a whole host of innovative and interesting face coverings, but non as strange (or unique?) as the melonpan facemasks. Whilst we…

6 mins read

The $22,500 Melon: Japan’s Most Expensive Fruits

In Japan it's extremely common to give gourmet fruit as gifts rather than simply to eat. To this affect Japanese fruit tends to command a higher price and increase competition for the most desirable fruit year upon year.…

14 mins read