7 Minimal Japanese Clothing Brands.

Japan is well known for it’s …’Overt’ fashion trends. *Cough, Harajuku, Cough* Don’t let your assumptions of Japanese fashion fool you, though. The country is home to far more than you often see on the T.V and in pictures. It’s clear that…

15 mins read

The 7 Best Online Japanese Stores

If like me you're still checking government websites daily to see if you can travel to Japan, you're probably disappointed with what you find.
Fortunately there are ways to experience Japan from the comfort of your own home. Online retail therapy being one…

26 mins read

Travel cameras – The best options for Japan.

Have you ever thought 'What camera should I bring to Japan?'. Having graduated with a degree in photography, I know the importance of a good camera for a once in a lifetime trip. And having been to Japan a number of times,…

20 mins read