Halloween in Shibuya: Is it worth visiting?

I’ve never really been into Halloween, but I quite enjoy occasions that mean I get to dress up in stupid clothing. So when the opportunity to visit one of the most famous fancy dress street parties in Japan came up, I couldn’t…

12 mins read

12 Things You Should Do After Landing in Tokyo

You’ve done it! You’ve planned your trip to Japan, saved up, and finally landed in Tokyo. Now what? Depending on the time your flight arrives (or how tired you are), you can often find yourself with a few hours or just short…

18 mins read

20 Things to Do in Tokyo in the Morning

Have you arrived in Tokyo early in the morning and don’t know what to do? Or perhaps you’ve got some time to fill before your plans in the evening. It’s a situation I’ve found myself in many times, so I thought I’d…

24 mins read

Yanaka Ginza: A Slice of Old Tokyo

Tokyo is… a lot. It’s overwhelmingly big, loud, and visually noisy. So, I do my best to find as many relaxing places in Tokyo as possible, Yanaka Ginza being the newest entry to that list. Yanaka Ginza is not only a brilliant…

15 mins read

The Complete Guide to Radio Kaikan

I start lots of these introductions by telling you how I love geeky things, and this is no different. Akihabara is an otaku’s paradise and if there’s one place that summarizes that perfectly, it’s Radio Kaikan. Radio Kaikan is one of the…

27 mins read

Nakano Broadway: Is It Worth Visiting?

If it sells any form of retro, vintage, or modern geekery, I’m all about it. I’ve visited Akihabara extensively as that is usually my go-to location for things like that, and it’s a great excuse to browse more Japanese Pokemon cards and…

16 mins read

The Best Tokyo Viewing Platform?

A few days ago we took a trip to Tokyo DisneySea which saw us spending a little time near Funabori train station in Edogawa. Because of the proximity on the map to Tokyo DisneySea, we thought this would be an ideal place…

10 mins read

5 relaxing spots in Tokyo

Tokyo got the best of you? In need of somewhere to relax in the big city? I've done the research to bring you the 5 best places to chill out or relax in Tokyo. Whether you're a solo traveller or with a…

19 mins read