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Build life changing habits with LSW Mind Cards.

Lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

Feature photo by Frances Nellie with LSW Mind Cards

Change your life one card at a time.

Photo by Frances Nellie with LSW Mind Cards

Sometimes life gets the better of us.

It becomes completely consuming and no one would blame you if you thought you were losing control.

I’ve found the best way to take back a bit of that control is through habits.

And i’m not talking about complete life overhaul type habits. I’m talking about totally achievable small rituals, mindful practices, reflections, and kind living.

LSW Mind Cards are the brain child of Lili Sinclair-Williams and they aim to do precisely that.

Photo by Frances Nellie with LSW Mind Cards

How do they work?

Each day you will select a card from the pack at random and complete the action stated.

The idea is that you slowly build on on these habits and hopefully start making choices each day that help you lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

Card categories

Each pack has 45 intentionally and individually designed cards

Random acts of kindness – What better way to boost your mood than to help boost someone else’s as well.

This group of cards each have an action you can take to project your kindness to the outside world.

Daily Rituals – You may have heard before about the magic of compounding which is normally discussed with money.

Well this is exactly the same when it comes to talking about rituals. Even small changes can effect you in a big way.

This set of cards help give you options for your daily routines

Practice gratitude – You’ve probably got a lot to be thankful for in your life already, and these cards can help you realise it.

These gratitude cards will remind you to look out for the little daily things that put a smile on your face.

Journaling – Possibly the most powerful mindful habit these mindful cards provide.

Each journal card offers questions to help you dig deep and figure out what is and isn’t working your life at the moment.

Pulling the same card a few days after you did before provides you the opportunity to think about what has and hasn’t changed during the time between.

Life reflection – It takes just 10 minutes a day to reflect on the card you’ve chosen.

How does the card apply to your life currently?

Is it possible to better yourself through its meaning?

Photo by Frances Nellie with LSW Mind Cards


In my opinion, the greatest strength of LSW Mind Cards is that they dont require you to turn on your phone or computer.

The average person picks up their phone more than 1500 times a week, so we really dont need another excuse!

If you’re looking for a way to disconnect from technology and re-connect with yourself, then be sure to give these a go!

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