Empty amusement park photos by Stefan Cerio.


Chinese fun by Stefan Cerio

Chinese fun is a series by photographer and visual artist Stefan Cerio where he explores empty theme parks with is plate camera. From abandoned amusement parks to neglected paddle boats in Beijing, Stefan Cerio is able to capture these environments in a way that projects their ethereal beauty more than an end of the world atmosphere.

Stefan Cerio stated on his website that his work focuses increasingly on the theme of representation, exploring the boundary line between vision, recounting the real and the spectator’s horizon of expectation, the staging of a possible reality that might not be true but is at least plausible.

“In this sense, projects such as Sintetico Italiano (Italian Synthetic), Souvenir, Aquapark, Night Ski, Chinese Fun are stages in a coherent artistic development which finds in the concept of memory, in the “other” place as a catalyst for present desires and future memories, in the idea of holiday and entertainment, that suspension of daily life which the author studies and recounts in images.” – Taken from cerio.it/about/

Taken from cerio.it/about/

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Shilaoren Bathing Beach – Qingdao
Shijingshang Park – Beijing
Xiedao Holiday Village – Pechino
Shanghai Happy Valley – Shanghai
Shanghai Happy Valley – Shanghai
Polar Ocean Park – Qingdao
Treausure Island PirateKingdom – Qingdao
People Park – Shanghai
Tuanjiehu Park – Beijing
Wonderland Amusement Park – Nankou

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