Surrealism, Existence, and introspection.
Gabriel Isak interview

Gabriel Isak

The fine art photography of Gabriel Isak

No one would blame you if you suggested Gabriel Isak’s images looked like as if they were taken directly from René Magritte’s dreams. The intense surrealism and anonymity behind the work give each and every one of us the opportunity to find our own path and reflect on who we are.

What is Gabriel’s work about?

Gabriel’s fine-art work serves as a means to document his internal and external world. Much of Isak’s latest work lends itself as a source of catharsis for a time earlier in his life when he suffered from depression. 

  Instead of being consumed by this depression, it was used as a source of inspiration to create visually and psychologically profound images with meanings that resonate with all of us.

We recently got the chance to interview Gabriel and ask him some intriguing questions about his work!

What does your work say about the human condition?

My work explores an introspective journey that questions the depths of existence, where I invite the spectator to interact with the internal world of solitary figures that symbolize our own unconscious states, with an overall objective to shine a light on the experiences of being and the states of mind those brings along.



How does surrealism feed into your imagery?

Surrealism allows me to explore an otherworldly place where my images are set, a place in a different dimension where I get to explore the deepest core of the soul working with questions surrounding Existentialism, Mental Health and the human condition. All in all, it has allowed me to mix different realities into an image, fed with symbolism, graphics and color psychology. 


Gabriel Isak


Who would you name as your biggest artistic influence?

It’s hard for me to name one person as different people have influenced my ideas differently. I’m very influenced by the works of psychiatrist Carl Jung and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, and also been influenced by the painter Magritte and photographer Julia Hetta. 


Gabriel Isak

How would you define a portrait?

An image that tells the story of a person or a being. It can be literal or non-literal and take on many forms of being presented such as being fiction or non-fiction and created in so many different ways. 
Gabriel Isak
Gabriel Isak
Gabriel Isak

Find Gabriel Isak online and on social media below!

Instagram: @gabriel_isak


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