Is ZenPlus the best Japan Proxy Service Alternative?

Japan proxy service alternative

Like many of you, while I lived outside of Japan I was constantly searching for ways to immerse myself in its culture. One of the best ways to do that, without booking a flight, was to treat myself, every now and then with products directly from Japan!

At that point, Japan proxy services were the only viable option as I didn’t have a Japanese address, though, there are a couple of issues with a lot of them that I really wasn’t a fan of.

Luckily, that’s all changed with ZenPlus.

What is a Japan proxy service?

Before we talk about why I like ZenPlus, it’s important to discuss what a Japan proxy service is. 

To buy something from Japan, you’ll often need a Japanese address if they only ship items domestically, and sometimes even a Japanese bank to make an account on their website and pay for the items.

Each Japan proxy service may offer something different, but the overall premise is the same: You buy products from Japan, whether on auction sites, boutique shops, or from bigger companies, and the proxy service acts as an intermediary and after receiving the item, they send it on to you.

The great thing about this is that it gives you the opportunity to buy limited edition or one-off items that are only available in Japan. That means no missing out!

So, why was I searching for something different?

The problem with Japan proxy services

Perhaps the biggest problem with Japanese proxy services is that you don’t have any kind of buyer protection. You may order something to be shipped to one of these places and it might never turn up.

Of course, this can happen during any sort of purchase, but ordering from another country always feels a little riskier. To me, many of these services have always seemed like they’re just there to facilitate shipping across the world, but not inclined to actually make sure you’ve got the best possible goods or service. 

Luckily, the folks over at ZenPlus have thought about things a little differently.

What is ZenPlus?

In their own words, ZenPlus is an ‘Online Mall’. A pretty apt name when you remember how fantastic the shopping malls are in Japan.

Instead of purchasing from a Japanese store and stumbling through the payment process and remembering to write in the correct proxy shipping address, ZenPlus allows you to shop at its extensive online marketplace hassle-free. And it’s filled with some awesome stuff!

Individual Japanese shops have a working relationship with ZenPlus, and that’s perhaps the biggest reason they’re a step above their competitors. But what does that mean for you, the consumer?

Of the more than 3,000 stores and over 5 million products on offer to buy directly from the site, you’re guaranteed to get the authentic item. 

The process

Ordering your items from ZenPlus is simple. You’ll order your items and the seller sends them directly to the warehouse.

At that point, the team checks everything over to make sure it’s as it should be and then they get things ready to ship internationally to you.

Depending on the delivery you’ve chosen, you can expect to receive your items in a few days or weeks’ time.

You’ll also have all shipping fees and charges shown to you at checkout so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for (aside from customs fees).

Is it somewhere you should buy from?

The relationship ZenPlus has with its suppliers is what makes them a fantastic proxy service alternative and ensures that your purchases will be genuine and arrive in good condition – all at an affordable cost.

You can rest assured that your products will get to you, and they’ll be exactly what they say they are. If you’ve got any concerns, the support department is always on hand to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

ZenPlus is a great option for those looking to buy products from Japan without the hassle of dealing with proxy services. All things considered, it’s an ideal choice for anyone wanting to take advantage of the unique shopping opportunities available only in Japan, without actually being in Japan!

The ZenPlus shopping experience really lives up to the physical shopping experience I receive in Japan every day. …And they have a load of Japanese Pokemon cards on offer that I’m desperately trying not to buy!

Not only do these guys cut down on the risks associated with traditional proxy services, but they also guarantee authenticity, have affordable shipping fees, and friendly customer service. They get my vote, that’s for sure!

Jonny Gleason

Jonny is the founder of A Day of Zen and has an unhealthy obsession with Japan. In 2022 he moved to Japan on a mission to give his audience the best possible information. He's helped over 300,000 plan their trip so far, and is eager to make that number much bigger!

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