5 Japanese inspired Animal Crossing islands. (and 3 bonus ones!)

jeju crossings anime town
Photo by Yasmin @jeju.crossings

5 of the best Japanese inspired animal crossing islands we could find.

Animal Crossing has always been the game I turn to if I need to relax or wind down after a tough day.

Earlier games in the series focused primarily on interior decoration with a small amount of exterior modification allowed in a few of them.

With New Horizons, that all changed.

Today, we are going to look at 5 of the best acnh islands inspired by Japan (And three bonus islands at the end).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons island inspiration is a very popular topic. With everyone happy to help each other out, the acnh community is one of the most wholesome, talented, and friendly communities you’re likely to come across online.

So, if you’re looking for Japanese acnh island ideas or simply just interested in seeing the best designers on Animal crossing new horizons then you’re in the right place.

1. Okinawa Island

DA: 8538 – 5723 – 6984

What better way to start this list than with an island based off of another island.


Many of you may be aware of a beautiful little island in the south of Japan called Okinawa. Famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful weather its the perfect place to inspire your own animal crossing island.

The lofi vibes interior
The cute recreation of Family Mart
The insane views of Tokyo from the cafe and the creative reconstruction of a JR-East station
Zucker has his own onsen!
Omiode Yokocho – Also known as Tokyo’s “Piss Alley”
Gudetama Cafe!
Onsen in the garden of a Ryokan

2. Hanami Crossing

Fantasy | Feudal Japan

DA 4231-3384-5136

God dam that’s a beautiful map!

Ever wondered how to make an island look good on animal crossing?

Well, It’s unlikely you’ve ever thought of something as intricate as our next entry.

Welcome to Hanami Crossing.

Hanami is an acnh Island based entirely on feudal Japan with a few fantasy elements thrown in.

From bamboo forests and hat makers to rice terraces and ninja school, Hanami crossing is bound to help inspire yor next animal crossing build.

In my opinion, their talent lies in their ability to transform such small spaces into recognisable scenes.

animal crossing map
An absolutely stunning map by @min
animal crossing bamboo forest
The bamboo forest
animal crossing samurai
Throne Room IX – A recreation of The Emperors throne room in Hanami castle
japanese animal crossing island
Room VIII – The legend of Momotaro

An absolutely heartwarming story from Japanese folklore where an elderely Japanese women stumbles across a giant peach floating down the river.

After bringing the peach back and opening it with her husband, a little boy popped out and would later be adopted by the couple.

Hanami has done a fantastic job interpreting the story inside such a small space. Hopefully this should show you that its possible to get inspiration for your anch island ideas in pretty much any place!

japanese animal crossing island
Rom VII – A Somen restaurant

Finally, someone uses the noodle slide for its actual purpose!

japanese animal crossing island
Room V – The Kyudo Dojo
japanese animal crossing island
Room IV – The calligraphy art room
japanese animal crossing island
The traditional Japanese mask making room
animal crossing japanese restaurant
The Izakayas & Ramen bar
acnh mountains
The little shrine on the mountain
acnh asian garden
Leifs plant shop
planting turnips acnh
Daisy Mae’s turnip farm

3. Kokiri Crossing

A quaint and cozy suburban Japanese animal crossing island.

Comes complete with cherry blossoms, bullet train, High School, and vending machines!

This will be a great island if you’re looking for suburban Japan inspiration for own island.

Cute self portrait!
Back roads that need some TLC
A great place to grab a drink!
Right outside the museum!
The High School

This is where Kokiri Crossing really shines for me. It is probably the best school design I’ve seen yet in animal crossing new horizons.

Not only does this school design have a fantastic outside, it also has some of the most intricate classrooms details that add to the overall immersion of the village.

Anyone else have dreams of going to a Japanese High School?

…Just me?

Those views, and the use of items is just insane!

4. Jeju Crossings

Welcome to Jeju Crossing 1.0.

Jeju is an extremely well put together town and you wouldn’t be mistaken if you thought it came straight out of a Ghibli movie.

Yasmin, the creator behind Jeju has added anime style backgrounds to some of her photos and it really brings the scenes together.


jeju crossings anime town
Running from your problems like…
jeju crossings anime town
Contemplating your life on a bridge with an anime sky behind you is how I want to live!
jeju crossings anime town
Waiting for the next bus (if this was my bus station, I wouldn’t mind waiting!!)
jeju crossings anime town
The entrance to the train station
jeju crossings anime town
Chilling with your friends holding balloons
jeju crossings anime town
Realising this might be the most chilled acnh island out there

5. Bysha Crossing – Anime city

For the final entry to the list we have a city based on anime!

Sha, the village creator cleaverly places anime artwork in the background of her images to give them that extra sense of immersion.

Anime city is a very clean and modern example of a Japanese island and is sure to inspire the next wave of acnh creators!

anime animal crossing village
anime animal crossing village
anime animal crossing village
anime animal crossing village
anime animal crossing village

Bonus Islands

Ok, technically these aren’t inspired by Japan so they don’t belong on the main list.

But I just loved them so much I had to make a few exceptions!

So let’s pretend this is a list of really bloody cool islands as well and Japanese islands too.

Shhh, you’re gonna love them I promise!

Keju Crossing

Keju crossing combines beautiful photography skills and minimal item placement to create an acnh island inspired by the countryside and suburbs of Korea.

This Korean inspired island may take the win for most aesthetically pleasing, well for me anyway.

acnh korean island
acnh korean island
acnh korean island
acnh korean island
acnh korean island
acnh korean island
acnh korean island


Miarain might well be the most zen place in the entire Animal Crossing New Horizons universe (That’s a thing… right?)

Plastered with jungle trees, pools, and yoga spots, MIA RAIN is the zen retreat you’ve probably needed for a long time!

This jungle inspired island is bound to have you exploring for hours on end with your friends…

…and then crying a bit because you can’t live there in real life.


animal crossing new horizons jungle island
Another beautiful map by the talented @wickerisland
animal crossing new horizons jungle island
The cutest spot to hang with your friends on acnh
animal crossing new horizons jungle island
A dreamy waterfall yoga location
animal crossing new horizons jungle island
An actual jungle, with a LOT of trees.
animal crossing new horizons jungle island
Yep, definitely a lot…
animal crossing new horizons jungle island
Jungle canopy path!
animal crossing new horizons jungle island
What a great spot for a picnic ^_^
acnh yoga studio
The best way to calm down after a hard days exploring ^_^


It’s Disneyland, but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Like, the whole of Disneyland…

Need I say more?


acnh disneyland
The latest update of Disneyland
acnh disneyland
The front gates
acnh disneyland
The Main Street looks like a load of fun day or night!
Sleeping Beautys Castle
acnh disneyland
It’s the pirates of the Caribbean ride!
acnh disneyland
Time to watch the Fantasmic!

That’s all folks!

Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed your favourite island!

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