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The silence of Dogs in Cars - Martin Ushborne

Feature image from ‘The Silence of Dogs in Cars’ By Martin Usborne

If you’ve recently completed a photography series that you’re especially proud of, then chances are you’ve thought of publishing it. The problem is most of the bigger photo publishing houses very rarely take risks which means your series of cats in top hats won’t be run. Probably… Let’s take a look at why independent photobook publishers might be a good idea.

I want to publish my photo book

Indie publishing houses are unique in many ways. Usually printing only small batches of photobooks, and sometimes requiring a small initial investment, these independent book publishers are taking chances on photographers all across the world that otherwise may not have a shot.

This isn’t to say they’ll gamble on any series put in front of them, but if your work fits their ethos then you have a much better chance of getting your photo book published.

Who you should publish with

1. Hoxton Mini Press

Picture: The east end in colour 1980-1990 – Tim Brown

Started by a couple in 2013, Hoxton Mini Press is a husband and wife (and dog) ran indie publishers. Taken directly from their website: “Our goal is to bring photo books to a wider audience… and make them so beautiful you’ll keep them for your grandchildren.”

They produce small batches of books that all have a similar design meaning lots of them would look great on your bookshelf!

If you want your work considered you’ll have to adhere to a few rules.

  1. They love projects that have urban themes. East London is great, but they can be from anywhere in the world. Having people as well, and words to go with the photos will make your submission that much stronger.
  2. Send an email with an attached PDF of 10-20 images from the project.
  3. In the email, tell them what your project is about in 30 words or less.



Picture: Japanese Islands Kagawa – Naoki Ishikawa

Founded in 2009 in Tokyo by Yasunori Hoki, SUPER LABO is an independent publishing company that focuses specifically on contemporary photography.

Lots of the work listed in their catalogue is from the far-reaching corners of the globe, so no excuse if you haven’t shot anything in japan yet.

They do seem to produce more contemporary work than other photobook publishers, so keep that in mind when applying. If your work fits this aesthetic though, then you’re good to go!

Submissions aren’t as easy with this publisher as they are with others. I was only able to find a contact page that suggests they will contact you if they’re interested. If you’re anything like me though, I would email any address you can find and send of a few shots. Keep an eye on their contact page and things may change in the future.


A spread from Jack Carnell's book   True Places
Picture: True Places – Jack Carnell

Fall Line Press is a photo book publisher and reading room located in Atlanta, GA. Their mission is to support photo books and their creators. They aim to be a valuable resource for artists and art patrons alike as they connect with art and creative expression in their community.

Fall Line publishes a range of photo books and as of mid-2020 is actively accepting submissions. Just send your proposal to and expect a response within a month if they are interested in your work.

Submit your work HERE

Unsure if your work fits?

Take a look at their instagram and catalogue

4. Jane & Jeremy

Picture: Red Orange – Delaney Allen

Jane & Jeremy is a small independent publisher located in South London who produce handmade limited edition books. Established in 2006, they place emphasis on finding new & upcoming creatives as well as established artists whose work they admire.

From an initial look, these printed photo-books seem to be less contemporary than other houses, but still tackle challenging themes.

Extreme care is taken in hand-making each book and this makes the covers of all of them works of art in themselves.

Follow them: Instagram & Twitter

Submissions: Email

5. oodee

Picture: Winter Mountains – Kasane Nogawa

Based in London and Paris, oodee is an independent publishing house working closely with established and emerging photographers and dedicated on designing and printing unique contemporary photography books.

Founded in 2011, oodee is led by creative director Damien Poulain. With more than ten years of experience, including award-winning photography book designs.

Their site is filled with beautiful past examples of their printed photo books. These have been produced by amateur photographers and professionals, so you have a chance to get your photo series seen no matter what level you’re at.

Contact oodee through one of their social media channels to enquire about publishing.




Feel we’ve missed one out? Let us know in the comments below!

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