Shawn Tang captures the beauty of Cappadocia from a hot-air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia

‘Helium’ by Shawn Tang

In photographer Shawn Tang’s series ‘Helium’, he explores Cappadocia’s constantly changing landscape through a popular local form of transport, the hot air balloon.

The colours captured from up above illustrate in an almost existential way how we as humans are actually in control of the landscape.

Shawn believe we wanted more out of the landscape to begin with and that’s why we created hot air balloons in the first place. Therefore, the photo series ‘helium’ was created to question how much we really are seeing, and how much there is still left to see.

Shawn Tang’s work evokes a magnitude of existential and observational questions about our need and desire to explore, as well as the grandeur of the planet we have to do it on.

It’s a series that is both beautiful and when digging deeper, full of mystery.

One part of the ‘Helium’ project statement:

“In one of the popular destinations in Turkey, Cappadocia, we set out on hot-air balloon rides with some locals for multiple times in a span of 3 days. Different rides met different weather conditions, bringing us different colors in the sky. We as human beings, rising up in the sky, as spectators of the game we created, and seeing this world in a different perspective. In the mid air, as the sun permeates through the misty landscape below, one is urged to question our role pertaining to the environment we inhabit. Sure, having flying object going up above the clouds and across the oceans, yet it doesn’t necessarily imply our prominence in relation to the environment. We come and go, and no one will be there to see the rise and fall of our land. We’ve seen what we were meant to witness, and now we shall leave this land in peace.”

Photographer: Shawn Tang

Instagram: @shawnztang

Youtube: Shawn Tang youtube

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