250 pictograms to help you navigate Tokyo.

And free for you to use!

Japanese pictograms a day of zen

Recently, the Nippon Design Center has released over 250 Japan pictograms to help support tourists on their first trip to Tokyo, Japan. These pictograms are also free for anyone to use for both commercial and personal projects.

So as well as helping thousands of foreign tourists at the upcoming (hopefully) Olympic Games in Tokyo, these pictograms can also be used for that website you’re creating, or that app you’ve always thought about developing.

Experience Japan Pictograms aim to guide people new to Japan around the cities with as much ease as possible as it’s likely a very alien place if you’re coming from the west. In fact, creative director of the Nippon Design center has even ensured the use of animated pictograms for customs not familiar to foreign tourists.

Japanese pictograms
Japanese pictograms

Whether you intend to use these designs for yourself or simply admire their beauty, its clear that the simplicity and universality behind its creation will have a big impact on travellers for a long time.

Is this a trend that all tourist boards need to be adopting? Let us know what you think!

Jonny Gleason

Jonny is the founder of A Day of Zen and has an unhealthy obsession with Japan. In 2022 he moved to Japan on a mission to give his audience the best possible information. He's helped over 300,000 plan their trip so far, and is eager to make that number much bigger!

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